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What New Releases Are You Excited About ?

I absolutely love music; my day feels empty unless I’ve listened to some great music. That said, I am a person who constantly checks website for information on upcoming CD release dates. Yes I still buy and listen to CDs; I enjoy them the way some people love vinyl albums. Anyway, I’ve searched and listened to the radio to find out who will be coming out with CDs this year and I’m extremely excited about some. Here’s my list (in no order of importance):

1. OutKast – I love everything that they come out with…as individuals and as a duo…

2. Syleena Johnson – She has such a great voice…

3. Mos Def – I love Mos!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the new CD…

4. D’Angelo – I’ve been waiting for a new one from him and supposedly this is the year…

5. Maxwell – Every time I hear him sing, I become even more of a fan…

6. India Arie – She made me pick up a guitar…now I just need to learn how to play it, lol…

7. U2 – I’ve loved this group since I was a kid…With Or Without you started it…

So far these are the only ones that I’ve heard are releasing new music this year…do you know of some others? If so, please leave comments and let me know….



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