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Presidential Address & Repubilcan Response….

These are the things that caught my attention last night during our President’s speech and the strangeness that occured afterward…

  • Number one…Michelle looked gorgeous, as per usual (I just love our First Lady!)
  • “The cost of action will be great, but the cost of inaction will be greater…” This is common sense to me…
  • “Govern with a sense of responsibility…” Instead of fear; those with common sense should understand this…
  • “Not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country…” I think asking every American to commit to at least one year of higher education was one of the best moments in last night’s address. Another one was when the President said, once again, that responsibility begins at home! Parents need to make sure their children are prepared for what the world is going to ask of them.
  • Something that had me scratching my head….Why did everyone get up and start clapping when the President brought up the deficit we inherited? As a matter of fact, a better question might be…why did everyone keep standing and clapping throughout the address?

Now…here are my thoughts on the Republican Response (perhaps this has more to do with the mouthpiece they used to make their statement…)

  • Waaaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaaa…lol…Gov. Bobby Jindal sounds real corny
  • Why does Jindal keep saying “We believe Americans can do anything” Are those in government not Americans too?
  • Isn’t the President asking all Amreicans to step up? So why does Jindal keep saying that Dems are relying on government alone?

What did you think of the address?



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