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These dreams…

You know what? I have some of the strangest dreams! They’re rarely disturbing (sometimes they wake me up terrified), sometimes they just run their course, and other times I wake before the ending. Most times my dreams are movie-like…I’m not necessarily apart of the dream, I’m in the background watching things unfold. Those dreams usually feel more like home to me; in my daily life that is what I do…I chill in the background and observe people and things. Anyway, I woke this morning after having one of those dream. I need to start keeping a dream journal or something, because once I woke up and started getting ready for work, I forgot much of what happened in the dream. The only thing I can remember is a man was sinking into some kind of substance…can’t remember if it was water or concrete? I think I woke up just as he was pulled out of whatever he was sinking into. In my dream, the guy was an actor I had seen in something before, but I don’t know why he was in my dream. He wasn’t in anything I watched last night, so I don’t know what the deal is with that. I need to get some kind of dream book, something that helps me understand why I dream what I dream. Ah well…anyone with some knowledge on the subject of dreams, feel free to make suggestions…



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