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Have I told you about the time I won a Nickelodeon contest?

It was a crazy moment and I still chuckle at the way it went down. I was at home and had just been grounded for something, maybe for not cleaning my room or something. Anyway, my mom was leaving the house to go somewhere and, of course, I wanted to go with her. However, I had just been grounded, so she was not taking me anywhere with her. As she starts to walk out the door, a UPS truck pulls up. My parents are asking each other if the other was expecting anything. The answer was no. So the UPS guy brings this big box to the front door and asks for “(My Name).” My parents are asking what this is for and I’m like “I don’t know.” So, I sign for the box and take it into the living room. I start tearing into the box, mind you, I had never gotten anything like this delivered to me before. Finally, I get the thing open and see a ton of Nickelodeon stuff! There was a letter in side the box congratulating me on my win (I can’t remember which contest it was, I always entered a bunch of them, lol). There was all kinds of stuff in there…toys, Nickelodeon SLIME, videotapes of my favorite Nick shows, etc. That was a great moment! Needless to say, I was no longer concerned with not being able to leave with my mom, lol!



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