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Oscar Grant Update: Change of venue?

Apparently Johannes Mehserle is afraid that he will not receive a fair jury trial. His attorney has filed a motion requesting a change of venue because the majority of people polled in Alameda County know about the case and have already prejudged Mehserle as guilty (Read more here). In case you are asking yourself “Who is Johannes Mehserle?” I’ll fill you in. Mehserle is the BART officer who shot Oscar Grant in the back on January 1, 2009. Not only did he shot this young man in the back, but he did so while Grant was lying on the ground, on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind his back. In case you are wondering, Mehserle is white and Grant was black. As you can imagine, this has caused more racial tension within the community. According to Mehserle, this was a terrible mistake; he thought he had pulled out his taser. Right. Even if people were to buy that, he wants people to believe that this young man is lying on the ground, on his stomach, hands cuffed and he needed to be tased? Get out of here! The use of tasers have been in the news as of late because of the deaths they have caused (just google “taser deaths” and you’ll see examples). Anyway, the change of venue seems fruitless because if you live in California, you already know about the case, so at best, Mehserle can only hope that people will put personal opinions aside and listen to all the facts before making a decision.

Lucky for him, I’m not in the jury pool because I think he is guilty as sin and the fact that he had to extradited from Nevada only makes him look more guilty.



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