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Blogging from A to Z: Today’s letter….C for “who are you to be so Confident?”

I was on Twitter earlier today and someone in my timeline said something that got me thinking about confidence. This person sent on a “tweet” that said “Part of the problem is [you] think [you’re] cute but [you’re] just basic”; now, this was not directed at me, but it made me think of the many times I’ve heard that in my lifetime. I find it interesting when people make that statement; why shouldn’t people think that they are cute? Why shouldn’t people walk with their heads held high? Why shouldn’t people feel good about themselves and their appearances? Some young girls, and some grown women, have this issue real bad; they see another female and whisper amongst their cliques and the refrain that tends to float around is “Look at her! She thinks she’s cute!” Well, so what if she does? Why shouldn’t she? Is it that women are supposed to walk around feeling lowly and unattractive? That is insane! If I don’t think highly of myself, or see the beauty that is in me, how can I expect anyone else to? I often think that those who use the phrase “You think you’re cute” are simply projecting their insecurities on others. For some it may be a mild, or not so mild, form of jealousy. But no matter the reason, I refuse to feel bad about myself or allow anyone to bring my confidence down to their level. Pardon my language, but fuck THINKING I’m cute, I KNOW I’m cute. And there’s nothing anyone can do but deal with it.



4 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z: Today’s letter….C for “who are you to be so Confident?”

  1. Here you are! I thought I'd lost you again. Now I've got the correct link posted to the blog roll and hopefully you will start getting some visitors at your new address.And what you say about confidence and cute are spot on target. Our society places too much emphasis on the superficial. A person has many layers and aspects and we need to take them all in and may have to do it gradually. But never totally dismiss people on one shallow assessment.I am so glad you are here now so we can read the things you have to say.Lee

    Posted by arlee bird | April 4, 2010, 5:37 AM
  2. Sista, I love this! And you hit the nail on the head. Theere are people who are "jealous" because someone else has found their self worth and are proudly displaying it. I'm with you, I know I'm cute. And yes, when I walk into a room I walk as if I own the damn place. Oh well.

    Posted by Gwendolyn | April 5, 2010, 1:29 AM
  3. Hi Lee,Thank you again for the challenge; it's forced me to really listen to what's going on around me so I can come up with topics to write about. Also, thank you for your comment! You're absolutely write about the layers each person has; it's those layers that make people so much more than their outward appearances! And that works both ways; meaning the most physically appealing person can have such rotten layers in them and that diminishes their beauty. While someone who may not look too appealing can have awesome layers in them and it shines through, making them more beautiful than one would think possible.bc

    Posted by beautifulcurare | April 5, 2010, 1:23 PM
  4. Hi Gwendolyn,Thanks for commenting, sis! You are so right; It kills me that people can be so silly. Instead of worrying about the way another person views his, or her, self, why not look inward and figure out how to feel good about yourself. It's so pitiful.bc

    Posted by beautifulcurare | April 5, 2010, 2:04 PM

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