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Makeup in a vending machine? It has possibilities…

Apparently, Coinstar Inc., the company behind Redbox, is considering breaking into the cosmetics industry. While nothing concrete has been said, according to The Wall Street Journal, a job is being offered with the company that leads them to suspect that something along the lines of a Redbox for cosmetics is in the works.

“We are continually looking at new opportunities in the self-service, automated retail space and plan to have a number of seed businesses that we’re testing and evaluating at any given time,” Coinstar said in an email statement to the news agency. “It would be premature to provide comment on any of these early concepts.” (CSP Daily News)

I could see this working out well for them…but then, I’m probably biased because I love makeup! I’m like a kid with the stuff; makeup is so much fun to play with! When I read about this I got excited at the idea of being able to drive up to a vending machine a purchase some NARS or MAC. And God help me if they were to stock it with some Urban Decay! But the brand of makeup is a factor; if they were to go through with this, I hope they would be able to stock the machine with brands that you can’t get everywhere. Like, I wouldn’t want to see any Maybelline or Cover Girl in the machine; I can purchase that at Walgreens (and there’s one on every corner).

What do you think about this as a possible way to purchase your makeup?



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