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Methodical Life: Woke up laughing the other morning…

Dreamy ain't it? Photo by pantherinia_hd on Flickr

Every now and then, I’ll have a dream so silly that my own laughter wakes me up. The other morning was no exception and I just feel like sharing it with you; maybe you can give me some ideas as to what it means *shrug* if not, at least you’ll have something to chuckle about.

The other night was an emotional evening for a couple of reasons, but I’ll save the details of that for another post. By the time my head hit the pillow, I was exhausted. I can’t recall what I dreamed about for most of the night, but this one particular dream was closer to the time I usually wake up during the work week.

The dream went as follows:

An unknown location; the surroundings were unfamiliar. I walked out of a bathroom into a hotel room. A good friend, her brother, and her cousin (also a good friend) were standing in the room. There was another person in the room, a man, who I assume was unfamiliar because I cannot describe what he looked like. When I stepped into the room, everyone was looking up at the ceiling. I didn’t look up but I asked “What’s going on? Why are y’all looking up in the air?”

My friend’s brother said “Uh oh…” and she said, too calmly, “Tiff, you might want to come over to this side of the room.”

I knew that tone and the expression on her face was one that said she did not want me to freak out. Not many things freak me out, so to me, this meant that a spider was somewhere in my vicinity. I have blogged about my fear of spiders, so you have an idea of how quickly I rushed over to the other side of the room.

I yelled, “Kill it, kill it, kill it! Hurry!”

Huddled low in a corner, I finally began to look up to see what everyone else was looking at, but as soon as I started to look up, everyone else suddenly looked down. I thought the spider was on the floor, crawling toward me. At this point the unfamiliar man pulls out a can of…not Raid, folks…oven cleaner. Yes, oven cleaner. He begins walking toward the middle of the room, following the spider (which, at this point, I still have not seen). Finally, the spider is in my viewing range, only it isn’t a spider. It’s a bunny. A white fluffy little bunny.


So, the unfamiliar man was about to spray the bunny with oven cleaner; I jumped up from crouching position in the corner and yelled “Wait, don’t spray the bunny!”

My friend’s cousin yelled at the man, ” Yes! Spray it!” She had pressed herself against the wall, as though the bunny was getting ready to attack.

He listened to her and began to spray a circle around the bunny; as he sprayed, the little bunny tried to jump away from him and ended jumping right into the spray of the cleaner. I hollered “Oh no!” and ran to the middle of the room, snatched up the bunny and rushed into the bathroom.

The water was already running, so put the bunny under the stream of water. It started to wiggle out of my hands but after a moment it stopped. As I rinsed the cleaner off its fur, the bunny began to change colors. It was no longer white; it was a brownish color similar to this:

Photo by ayotheshusiz9 on Flickr

It was a little larger as well, but just as cute. After I felt that it was free from the oven cleaner, I towel dried it and carried it into back into the hotel room. Everyone was staring at me like I was crazy when I went to my bed and sat down with it in my lap.

Friend number 2, the one who wanted the bunny sprayed in the first place looked at me and said “You can’t keep that in the room! Get rid of it!”

Apparently she was afraid of bunnies; I don’t believe this is true in real life since I’ve never heard her say so, but whatever. I ignored them all and kept petting it.

Suddenly we were all outside the hotel, sitting in rocking chairs. I think it was a spring-like morning; the grass was green and dewy. The sun was shining brightly and we were in sundresses (not the fellas, of course). The bunny was sitting on a table between me and Friend number one. I was rocking in my chair and petting the bunny; then someone said the bunny needed to eat. I said “I have food in my trunk!” And I grabbed Friend number one’s hand and we skipped off (actually skipped, like we were little kids) to my car, which was parked several feet in front of us.

As I unlocked the trunk, two big, white bunnies hopped out of a some bushes to my left and began hopping across the parking lot. I said “I wonder if those are my bunny’s parents?” I turned to look back at the bunny, who was still on the small table; to my surprise, it was no longer brown. It was white again and it hopped off the table and followed the other bunnies. They hopped over to another bush, near a wooded area by the hotel. The two “parent” bunnies looked at the smaller bunny and hopped into the bush. The smaller bunny followed.

I woke up right after I said, “I hope they still accept him.”

No, I did not smoke anything before going to sleep…I drank a Red Stripe, but I only had one, so that doesn’t count as a cause for this silly dream. But now I wonder what the heck it was about?




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