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Methodical Music

Methodical Music: Jesse Boykins III does something special with his version of “Prototype”

Jesse Boykins III (Photo by ChChCharlie via Flickr)

I follow some awesome people on Twitter; I’m talking about people who have wonderful taste in music. I saw the link to Jesse Boykins III “Prototype” in my time line (thanks @ButtaBaby) and had to click it. I heard a snippet on Mr. Boykins III’s website; apparently he opens his shows with this number. When I listened to it on his website, I was feenin’ to hear a full version. So, you can imagine my joy at this download!

Now, anyone who knows me knows I love Andre 3000 (I’m talking about some Ms. Benita “Don’t nobody bet’not say NUTHIN’ bad about 3 Stacks” kind of love, lol). And 3000’s Love Below version is still my ish, but…what Mr’ Boykins III did with this one right here puts this up there with Andre Benjamin. Boykins III has an awesomely smooth voice, one that was definitely suited for this song. I appreciate SINGERS; not that nasally bull, but people who can truly sing a song. Jesse Boykins III is one such singer and I feel so out of the loop that I didn’t know about this brotha a long time ago. I think I’m in looooove…

All that to say this: Download (free-ninety-nine) Jesse Boykins III’s version of “Prototype” and find out why you need to add it to your “Slow Jams” playlist.



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