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Second conference trip of the year: Blogalicious 2010

I am a phobic person; I have several fears and within the last year, I’ve developed a strong fear of missing flights. Seriously people, I get the shakes and damn near break out in hives. I couldn’t find a name for this fear, but I have it and it is real (smile). It was important for me to get to Lambert-St. Louis International airport bright and early because there was no way I would delay my trip to Blogalicious. We hit the road at 4:30 am so I could make my 7:26 am flight. Unlike my last trip via plane, this was fairly smooth; I made it with time to spare and began my trip to Miami, with a brief stop in Charlotte, NC.

On the way to Ft. Lauderdale (it was cheaper to fly into FLL and drive to Miami), there was a girl sitting next to me who had some of the funkdoobiest smelling chicken I had ever smelled! I got on the plane a little hungry but once I caught a whiff of that, my hunger went away with a quickness. After professing how disgusting the food in her lap tastes, she gobbled it down because according to her, she was starving. I just wanted the smell to go away…

Once we landed in Ft. Lauderdale, I grabbed my bag from the baggage claim area and went outside to catch a shuttle. Apparently, the driver of this particular shuttle thought he was Speed Racer. The man sped through traffic and cut folks off, but he met his match with a semi and had enough sense to recognize that he could not bully his way past it. The driver did, however, feel that riding ass of vehicles was the best method of getting his fares where they needed to be. I called out to Jesus just in case I was about to make it to my final destination.

View from the room

Being a small town girl, who only recently started traveling to more than just St. Louis and Memphis, I was fairly blown away by the awesomeness of The Ritz Carlton – South Beach. Spacious room, big comfy beds, and a beautiful bathroom; the room was made for comfort. But the absolute best thing about the room was the view. The view was breathtaking, especially for a person who had never seen a beach before.

After a quick shower, I got dressed and went to the Oasis party, a pre Blogalicious get-together thrown by Patrice Yursik (Afrobella) and Nichelle Pace (Stylemom). It was an evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, manicures, pedicures, massages, and conversation. Oh, did I mention the buff men in little loincloth/shorts? Yeah, the party was a great way to break the ice; I was nervous, since I didn’t really know anyone there. It was easier to speak to fellow bloggers while standing in line for a massage (which was awesome, by the way…dude worked my neck and shoulders quite nicely). While enjoying a cocktail made with Chambord flavored vodka and a fluff of pink cotton candy, I got a pedicure and chatted with a few people about blogs and our backgrounds.

The setting for the Oasis party...pretty awesome, ain't it?

Before leaving, I made sure to thank the hostesses for putting together a great mixer; I really appreciated the chance to meeting folks and developing a camaraderie before the conference. I think I left the first gift bag that I received when I arrived at the party…I never found out what was in it (sad face). However, the parting gift bag was great; it was full of Pantene and Cover Girl products (I’m looking forward to trying them out and posting a review)! I went to sleep that night excited about the start of what turned out to be a great conference.


Next post: Blogalicious conference (Day 1)…



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