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Methodical Music: So, I listened to a leaked version of “Pink Friday” and my head didn’t explode…

I will start this post by stating that I am not a fan of Nicki Minaj. Something about her persona irritates my soul; she just don’t feel right. However, I will be fair; just because I’m not a fan of a music artist it doesn’t mean that said artist is talentless. That said, the Pink Friday I listened to wasn’t as bad as I expected.

I had to chuckle as I listened to “I’m The Best” because it took back to a time where my friends and I would go to the teen club (long live The Eclipse, lol) and hear Mannie Fresh beats blasting from the speakers. It’s a cute song and I can respect what she’s saying in the song, although it, like much of many of the songs, has a pop-ish sound. While I do not think she is “the best b**** doing it”, she is popular; so in that way, she may be the best.

“Roman’s Revenge”, featuring Eminem, just sounds silly to me and the beat is annoying; the beat actually made me angry (like a dungeon dragon). I haven’t been impressed with Eminem since 2002’s The Eminem Show *shrug*…his issues turned me off from him completely.”Did It On ‘Em” could have kept the Diddy-like guy off the track. The guy screaming in the back sounded real immature (“You crazy, stupid, ugly, monkey lookin’ b****es”)? Really? Are we back in middle school? And then when he started talking about “nappy-headed b****es” I knew this one would get two thumbs down and a frown from me. If I don’t let dudes get away with it, then Minaj is no exception. Moving on…

The only good thing about “Right Thru Me” is the video and the only reason the video gets a nod from me is because of the guy in the video. Serious eye candy right there. Minaj sounds a bit whiny in this song; she needs to never sing again. “Fly”, featuring Rihanna, is kinda catchy and Rihanna didn’t sound like a yodeling mess, so I would change the station if it came on the radio. “Save Me” left me wondering if Minaj is going to go the Nelly route and become a “singer” *side eye*. This song was more cotton candy fluff; I saw a headline dubbing her as the “new queen of hip hop” and if this true, this song does not show that.

Moving on to “Moment 4 Life”, featuring Drake; I thought Rihanna was singing the chorus, but apparently it was Minaj. Stick to rhyming, please? I like what she’s saying, for the most part. I mean, to come from out of nowhere and suddenly be the person that everyone wants to work with and be around, I can see why she would want this moment to last. I can’t stand “Check It Out”, featuring will.i.am, so we’ll just skip over that one. “Blazin'”, even with Kanye on the track, is as skip-worthy as “Check It Out”. It sounded insane, but not in the good way. It almost angers me that “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds is sampled for this song but The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies so…

“Here I Am” is another song that I would leave on if I started playing on the radio. It seems like it is supposed to be an empowering track for the ladies, but it doesn’t go all the way. Maybe it’s about a pitiful woman who is on the verge of feeling powerful…*shrug*…the song is nothing spectacular, but it’s not terrible. “Dear Old Nicki” is interesting; I suppose she’s addressing everyone who misses the way she used to be. If you go by the lyrics, she misses that Nicki as well, even though she had to “grow” into who she is now. Old Nicki doesn’t eff with new Nicki and I can’t say that I blame her…

I never liked “Your Love”, so I skipped over that one as well. “Last Chance”, featuring Natasha Bedingfield, is very pop-a-licious and I give that two thumbs down, especially since I’m not a Bedingfield fan. “Massive Attack” sounded as stupid as it sounded several months ago (*cue “Men on Music”* Hated it).

Those were all the songs available on the leaked version that I heard. For the most part, the CD is basic; nothing mind-blowing, nothing special. At best, Pink Friday is something that you can put on and go about your chores and errands without giving it much thought; it is kinda like white noise. Now, at the beginning of this post I said that it wasn’t as bad as I expected and that is true. But I wasn’t expecting much, so you can take this review however you like.



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