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What do you do when…

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…you see a dear friend walking into a rough, and or complicated, situation? Is there anything you can do? I’m thinking there isn’t and this is really grinding my gears. Mind you, there is nothing life threatening about this situation, so if nothing is said, the damage will be minimal. If I were in this particular situation, I would be miserable. But then, I wouldn’t be in this particular situation because I can’t stand wasting my time and the cons out weight the pros *shrug*. Still there is this large part of me that struggles to keep my big mouth shut because essentially this situation doesn’t affect me.

I would love to give details regarding this, but it isn’t my place and I don’t like to tell other folks’ business. But if my friend reads this post, I just want her to know that if she asks for my opinion on this situation, I will tell her the truth. It won’t be harsh, but feelings may get hurt anyway. I don’t think I would be a good friend if I didn’t keep things honest.


This has been on my mind for a minute and I just needed to let loose a teeny bit of steam.



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