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SPONSORED POST: ChicaPC-fix Review and Giveaway!

I received an email about an opportunity to review a software product called ChicaPC-fix developed by ChicaLogic. As a company that understands how important technology is to women, ChicaLogic, according to the website, has set out to:

…empower women ages 16-65 in the area of technology – specifically helping them understand the tools available to keep their computers running optimally and securely, and programs and software to help them be more efficient in their jobs and in their daily lives.

ChicaPC-fix is a PC optimizer; it is advertised as a solution to the dreaded slow down that occurs when computers have a ton of unnecessary programs and information that take up much-needed space. By removing and repairing errors, ChicaPC-fix is supposed to make your computer run like new. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, since my laptop has been extremely slow and shady! I needed something to jump-start my laptop and I was hoping ChicaPC-fix would work, as advertised.

After emailing the contact at ChicaLogic, expressing my interest, I received a link and an activation code for a one year license to use ChicaPC-fix. After downloading the software, I started the “PC Health Scan” and I wasn’t too surprised to see that there were 1403 errors. I was prompted to click “Fix Now” in order to repair the errors. I waited, as the software proclaimed that it was solving my PC problems. After a minute of two, the dialog box told me that all errors were fixed and my PC Heath was now “Very Good”. I also went clicked the “Start Manager” button and went through the list of programs that would auto-launch when I started my laptop. I deselected several programs that didn’t need to launch at every start-up and I restarted the system. The question then became “Will I experience a noticed improvement in the speed of my laptop?”

The verdict…

I noticed a difference; a good difference. Before installing the software, my computer was somewhat sluggish during its startup. Certain programs, like iTunes, took an unusual amount of time to start running. After running the ChicaPC-fix, my startup took less time than it had in months. Various programs (ex. iTunes and Mozilla) ran faster. So I would consider ChicaPC-fix a success!

Now for the fun part!

ChicaLogic has give me 20 activation codes to giveaway on my blog and I’m very happy to share them with Methodical Madness readers! Winners in this giveaway will receive a one year license activation code (valued at $29.95 each). This will give the winner an opportunity to try this new software!

Here are the rules:

  • Become a fan of ChicaLogic and Methodical Madness on Facebook!
  • Please leave a comment below expressing you interest in winning this giveaway!
  • One entry per person…gotta keep this fair *smile*

This giveaway ends on January 15, 2011 at 12pm Central time, so that gives you plenty of time to throw your name in the basket for a chance to win! I will choose winners using Random.org; winners will be notified via email no later than January 16, 2011. The email will contain the activation code, so please be sure to use a valid email address. Good luck!

Be sure to check out the ChicaLogic website to and click on the “Tips & Tricks” link; there is some really useful information for those who may not be the most computer savvy.



4 thoughts on “SPONSORED POST: ChicaPC-fix Review and Giveaway!

  1. I liked both on Facebook. jessica {at} holbrookdesignstudio {dot} com

    Posted by Jessica Holbrook | December 16, 2010, 9:37 PM
  2. I like both Chiclogic and methodical madness on facebook. I would love to win this as our computer is sluggish for sure.

    foreverhealthyaloe at hotmail dot com

    Posted by Jennifer | December 18, 2010, 2:50 PM
  3. Liked Chicalogic and Methodical Madness on FB – as Mxy Rxy Fernandez.
    This is a great help for my pc.

    Posted by Marielrem | December 30, 2010, 10:13 AM


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