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SWAGG SPONSORED POST: The best gift I ever gave…

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Photo credit: blue_annap (on flickr)

My mom’s birthday was fast approaching and I had no idea what I should get her. She’s a makeup junkie, like me, so buying her makeup was a trusty option. However, I’d done that before; if I hit a M.A.C. store, I would pick up something for her just because, so it didn’t seem like a really special gift. I considered getting her a gift certificate from Spiegel since she absolutely loves their clothing and accessories. The more I thought about it, though, a gift certificate didn’t seem any more right than a makeup haul, so I had to come up with a better idea, something that would make a bigger impact. We live in a small city, or a big town depending on how you look at it, so gift selection is minimal. I considered treating her to a spa day, but that isn’t a long-lasting gift and I could do that for her at any time. What was I going to do?

As luck would have it, I went shopping with one of my BFFs; we hit the mall and various other stores in the area. She was shopping for things for her home and knew I was still searching for a gift for my mom. I didn’t think I’d find anything so I was tagging along to get out of the house for a few hours. After going through checkout, we left TJ Maxx and walked a few stores down, ending up at a small art gallery. I’d never paid any attention to the place, but we went in because my friend wanted to see if there was anything that would look good in her new place. As we looked around, I saw some interesting pieces and began thinking of how I would want my own home to be decorated. I wondered over to a book that had other paintings that, were not in the gallery, but could be ordered and shipped. I stumbled out of my daydream when I flipped a page and saw the perfect painting, not for me but for my mom.

This painting, “Strut” by Nico, is so much my mother’s style that when I called my friend over to show it to her, I didn’t have to say anything; she looked at and said “That’s the one!” It’s my mom’s style and it is the way she carries herself; this painting is truly my mom’s “Strut”. The associate working in the gallery came over and I told her that I wanted this particular painting. She said that they could order it and asked me to browse the frame I wanted for it. After putting down the deposit, we left the gallery and I felt great. The painting came in, the gallery framed it, and I received the phone call that it was ready for me to pick up. Since it came in before her birthday, I kept it at my grandpa’s house until the big day.

Fast forward to her birthday, I told her that what I bought for her wouldn’t be delivered until after her birthday, due to a delay. She was fine with that, said it was the thought that counted. I told her that I’d make her a special birthday dinner and she said that was perfect. About an hour before left work that day, I picked up the painting from my grandpa’s and took it to the house; arranging it on the mantle so it would be the first thing she saw when she entered the living room.

It worked out perfectly! My mom walked into the living room, carrying some gifts she received from her co-workers, and gave a gasp when she saw the painting on the mantle, she tossed the gift bags on the couch and grinned. She thought it was the most awesome gift I’d ever given; when I saw tears, I knew that this gift was a success. For a woman who does everything she can to help others, it feels wonderful to show her how much I love her. Her smile and happiness is a gift all on its own. While you’re here, please share you best gift-giving moment with others; leave a comment below and tell us your “best gift ever given” story!

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