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The most dangerous place for an African American is…

Photo via Gothamist.com

Almost anyplace! You can accuse me of being dramatic but hell…one dramatic turn deserves another. Today, the Internet was buzzing over the billboard shown above. “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb”? This has to be one of the most ignorant, prejudicial billboards in existence. You know what? If we listened to what all the studies say, African-American people should just vanish from existence. The statistics on our health risks always seem to be higher than every other ethnic group. Our unemployment rate is higher than every other ethnic group. High unemployment leads to a low standard of living. Poverty leads to a whole host of other negative things: drugs, alcoholism, participation in gang life, etc. This is what we hear, and read, all the time. Now you want to tell me that my womb, my African-American womb, isn’t safe for a fetus? Yeah, I get what they’re trying to say: African-Americans have the most abortions (according to whatever statistics they come up with).

But guess what, if we’re really going to be real here, America, the WORLD for that matter, isn’t safe for ANYONE! Least of all a child! Look around you, and for those who live a somewhat charmed life, look outside of your privileged box. The world is in CHAOS! Wars, disease, murders, dangerous acts of nature, etc. Bring a child into THIS madness? Maaaaaaaaaan…I would give a lot of thought to giving birth and raising my child in a world such as this. But here’s the “gotcha”: Perhaps I would decide to go through with a pregnancy anyway, with the hope that the world will become a better place *shrug*…

Either way, it’s my decision. The decision to go through with a pregnancy belongs to the one who would go through the physical and emotional changes. The decision DOES NOT belong to some group of people who’ll give less than a damn about the child after he, or she, is born.


What are your thoughts on this billboard and the message behind it? Is this billboard doing more harm than good or vice versa? Let’s discuss.




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