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Blogging from A to Z Challenge: To (B)ionic or not to (B)ionic…

Image (via Phandroid.com)

That is the question I’m asking myself. I went to a Verizon store Saturday, with the fam. I convinced my mom to get a new phone after she asked me to send a text message to one of her friends, using her phone. I was so frustrated using her flip phone/numerical keypad combination. I was like, “Mom, nah, you’ve gotta get a new phone because this won’t do!” Besides, I wanted to upgrade my mobile internet, so I was ready to visit the store.

Anyway, once we got there, an associate showed my mom some phones and happened to mention that another Droid phone is on the horizon. I had no idea; in fact, I planned on using my upgrade to get a Droid X. When I mentioned that, the guy kind of brushed it off and said that phone is old (I know, the thing isn’t that old, but it seems like a new phone comes out every two or three months). He said that if I was going to upgrade, I should go with the HTC Thunderbolt (my ears perked up, since I’ve been curious about that phone) or wait for the Droid Bionic. I love my current Droid; I still have the first one, since it works perfectly fine for me and does what I need it to do, so sticking with another Droid phone is tempting.

So, which phone is best?

From what I’ve read online, the Thunderbolt is a great buy if one doesn’t want to wait for the Bionic to be released, possibly this summer. A common complaint with the Thunderbolt is that it’s battery life isn’t the best and once you add 4G to the equation, your battery will be drained. Also, the Thunderbolt has a single core processor, while the Bionic will have a dual core. The Thunderbolt will have a better camera by comparison; yet the Bionic will have a higher resolution display. Thunderbolt has more RAM (768MB to the Bionic’s 512MB); also according to PC World,

The Thunderbolt comes with 8GB of internal space, plus another 32GB via an included MicroSD card. The Bionic has 16GB of internal space and can support up to 32GB of external storage; as of now, however, it isn’t clear what (if any) level of SD card will be included with the phone at purchase.

The Thunderbolt is extremely tempting; the associate at the Verizon store said that if I were to upgrade to that particular phone, I wouldn’t be remorseful when the Bionic comes out, because both are great phones. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I think I’ll play with my mom’s phone this week and hopefully that will help with my decision…she went with the Thunderbolt.



2 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Challenge: To (B)ionic or not to (B)ionic…

  1. Consider this, with the 4G LTE phones the data costs will eventually go up. 4G LTE data is more expensive than 3G data so Verizon will eventually do away with unlimited data plans and offer tiered data plans much like AT&T. That was my primary reason for sticking with my Droid X. If you don’t mind 3G and you want to keep unlimited data, get the Droid X. Another option is to wait for the Droid X2 or the Droid 3 to come out (perhaps late 3rd quarter or early 4th quarter). Rumor has it that both phones will sport no less than a gig of onboard memory, dual core processors and front and rear facing cameras…along with some other cool features. If I’m able, I plan to pay full retail for that Droid X2 🙂

    Posted by Adjua | April 4, 2011, 12:59 PM
    • Hey Adjua!

      I need to speak to that associate again because my understanding is that if I go with the Thunderbolt now, my unlimited data plan will be “grandfathered” in. I’m looking forward to getting a phone that has a front/rear facing camera (which the Thunderbolt has, too). Lots to consider when you’re gonna be spending a nice chunk of money, ya know…lol…


      Posted by beautifulcurare | April 4, 2011, 10:26 PM

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