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Blogging from A to Z: Control? Constraints? No sir…

Two things happened today, blessing me something to blog about for the letter of the day, “C”. First, I took an interesting quiz. It was an odd one and the questions made no logical sense, but I answered each one according to what came to mind first. At the end of the quiz, this is what my results were:

Then in the afternoon, on Twitter, much of my timeline was in a tizzy about one tweeter’s decision to leave Twitter because her boyfriend made it a requirement. Apparently he would only marry her if she gave up her Twitter account. When I read that, I frowned immediately; I suppose it’s because I tend to put myself in the shoes of others. And since I personalize situations, I can’t imagine giving into such a demand. Would I give up social media if my boyfriend said, “Look, I wanna marry you but I can only do that if you stop tweeting/FB-ing/blogging/etc…” I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Now, some may think “Wow, something’s wrong with you if you can’t give up social media for marriage…” That’s not why I would refuse his request. Not because those things are more important to me than him, but because there would be no reason for him to ask that of me. I’d refuse because that “request” because it shows something; to me, it shows you want to control me. However minute, trying to ban me from something is a form of control. Re-read the results from that quiz; trying to control me is simply out of the question.

You often ignore or conveniently forget rules and boundaries that limit your freedom…

I’m not saying that I’m unwilling to do some things, within reason. But I look at it like this: Would you be willing to not go to the bar or shoot pool or socialize with others if I gave you an ultimatum? Or would you feel like I was trying to control you? I’m thinking that a man wouldn’t appreciate that at all. Most people generally dislike ultimatums. But I could be wrong…I mean, this is the way I run my life *shrug* But this did make me take inventory on what I would be willing to do for the man in my life.

So I pose a question to you: What would you give up for “love”?



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