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Blogging from A to Z: An endeavor…not another New Year’s Resolution…

I have a few things that I want to do in my lifetime; one endeavor I’m working on now is weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle. While I started to make changes at the beginning of this year, after signing up with an online weight loss support group called FierceFitFabulous, this isn’t simply a new year’s resolution (which seem to fall by the wayside by February). It’s about a lifetime commitment to change my habits.

So far, I’ve given up soda and I don’t even miss it! I used to have soda almost everyday; some days, I was drink a liter bottle of Mountain Dew in the morning and cherry Coke in the afternoon. The amount of sugar and calories I was drinking…smh. I would go days without drink water; I would only drink it when I felt extremely thirsty. Since I’m no longer drinking soda, water is what I drink all day. I might have a little juice every now and then, but water makes up about 95 percent of my liquid intake these days.

I’m weaning myself off of drive-thru foods; still working on leaving fast food restaurants alone completely. But I’ve made some serious headway; prior to this weight loss attempt, I ate fast food meals at least twice a day, four times a week. AT LEAST. What I’m doing now is going to the grocery store more often and cooking meals at home. I also plan on weaning myself off of processed foods, thanks to post I read on A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss. I might hit up a drive thru every couple of weeks…Hardee’s chicken strips and curly fries are a serious weakness that I have to overcome *smile*

My activity level has changed drastically, as well. Instead of going home and sitting in front of the TV until bedtime, I get in a workout at least four days a week. Right now, I exercise hard for about 30 minutes; I plan on upping that time to 45 minutes this month. I record the exercise shows that air on FitTV and exercise after work. My favorite show is the kickboxing one with Sharon Mann. It’s fun, fast, and I get in a good sweat. I need to go to the storage locker this weekend and get my kettle bell; that thing is awesome! I also use Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. Shred is 20 minutes of cardio and strength broken down into 3 levels; if you want a challenge, that’s the one for you. I still haven’t made it to level 3 on that DVD, but I’ll do my best to make that transition this month. I have my days, of course, when I get a little lax, but I get back on track ASAP. I used to fall off track and stay there, but not anymore.

That said, since January, I’ve lost 21 pounds and a total of 12 inches. Had to buy some new jeans because my others slide down to my hips! I still have a long way to go, but I’m not discouraged. I plan on getting to my goal weight of 150 lbs and maintaining my health for the long run.

What are some goals you want to accomplish? Long-term and/or short-term?



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